Pallars: land of lamb

Pallars: land of lamb

Pallars is the region of Catalonia with the biggest productive sheep population and it has an indigenous breed: the Chisqueta.

The lamb expresses the Pallares identity, the traditional way of life of this land: its landscape and its people. For this reason, lamb has become a Pallars brand. The lamb expresses the Pallares identity

In 2015, the Pallars terra de corder project was born, in collaboration with the Alicia Foundation. Since then, Al Teu Gust, Aliments del Pallars, has worked on different proposals, both for the general public and for professionals:

  • Graphic and audiovisual productions, such as the film “Xisca”, by Sergi Lara, and the book “Pallars terra de corder”.
  • Gastronomic events such as La Gran Costellada and the Pallars Fair, “Terra de Corder” that take place every year in the spring.

Upcoming Activities

7 and 8 May 2022. Fair Pallars: land of lamb. Tremp.

Past Activities

Past Activities of Pallars: land of lamb


  • Graphic and audiovisual productions

Short film “Xisca”

Fictional short film co-produced by the Tremp Town Council and Benecé Produccions.

Girella channel

YouTube channel where you can find out everything about Pallars Jussà agri-food products.

Book “Pallars terra de corder”

Edited by the Town Council of Tremp and Garsineu publishers in collaboration with the Alicia Foundation.

  • Gastronomic events

• Fira Pallars Terra de Corder (Pallars Fair: Land of Lamb)

First fortnight of May

• La gran costellada (The giant rib)

La gran costellada is a seasonal campaign that aims to promote the consumption of local lamb meat during the spring, as well as encourage the use of outdoor recreational spaces in the Pallars Jussà region.


(Lamb and wine) Pallars gastronomic festival that takes place in autumn.

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