Support for strategic sectors

Support for strategic sectors

We offer support and training and encourage cooperation

Support for the wine sector


Pallars is experiencing a wine revolution: in recent years, up to 12 wineries have appeared and are now operating in this area, as part of the DO Costers del Segre.

This explosion is led by young start-ups, cultivating small-sized plots at altitude.

In order to strengthen and consolidate these geographically and corporatively unique projects, it is essential to develop a cooperative strategy as a territory. A strategy that has been in place since 2013 led by the ATGPallars program.

 Support for the olive oil sector


The cultivation of olive trees has a long tradition in the region, which was for a long time the main supplier of oil to the rest of the regions of the Pyrenees.

Pallars Jussà is at the limit of the climatic conditions in which this cultivation is possible. This fact has strongly contributed to the characteristics of the oils produced, both in terms of the varieties that have been preserved and the properties of the fruits they produce.

Support for the restaurant sector


The restaurateurs of the Pallars are a dynamic group that work together to promote gastronomy and their own products.

The involvement of the sector and the cooperation between the ATGPallars program and the APAT (Association of tourism professionals) has been a key part of the work started in 2012 that has made events such as the Pallars Food Fest, the Cordeví Festival or the Forest kitchen research project possible.

Upcoming Activities


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